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Supplement recommended by animal hospitals

Supported by veterinarians

Balance-alpha, a completely additive-free supplement is highly supported by numerous veterinarians.

It is used by animal hospitals where holistic care or natural care is applied resulting in good
Effects. Also it is supported by many pet shops who really care for pets due to the power of increasing the immunity and sense of security being 100% natural farming using natural materials and completely additive-free.

Angel Pet Clinic


Director and veterinarian: Jyoji Nagoshi

  • A certificated veterinarian by the Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy
  • A certificated veterinarian by the Homeopathic Medical Association in the U.K.
  • A member of the Japan Veterinarian Society for Oriental Medicine(獣医東洋医学会)
  • A member of the Japanese Animal Hospital Association
  • A member of the Japan Holistic Medical Society

We aim to adopt a naturopathic medicine without placing any uneccesary burden on the pet’s body. We prescribe Chinese herbal medicine according to the pet’s symptoms and also practice acupuncture. We observed the high effectiveness of Balance- alpha as an auxiliary material for the cure of several kinds of diseases.


Chiro & Sakura Holistic Clinic


Director and veterinarian: Yuka Watanabe

  • A certificated veterinarian by the Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy

We consider the most deficient thing in animals is enzymes.
Balance- alpha is good for dogs and cats who lack appetite even though they are not ill or pets who cannot tolerate the secondary effects of medicine.
If you keep giving it to healthy pets, they will be resistant to illness even when they get older.
I am feeding it to my dog and cat.


Kougo Animal Hospital

Director and veterinarian: Kougo Aki

Director and veterinarian: Kougo Aki

  • A certificated veterinarian by the Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy
  • A member of the Japan Homotoxicology Association日本ホモトキシコロジー協会所属
  • A member of the Japan Society for the Medical & Hygienic Use of Ozone
  • A member of the Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy
  • • Obtained Bach Flower Remedies Level 1 and 2
  • Director and veterinarian: Kougo Aki

Kougo Animal Hospital adopts not only conventional Western medicine but also Oriental medicine and natural cures aiming “gentle care for small animals” as its motto.
Most pet owners who visit the clinic have visited other pet clinics but, not being satisfied with Western medicine, put their last hope in Dr. Kougo. Quite a considerable number of pets who have not been cured with Western medicine or surgery became better by cures using Oriental medicine. The good thing about “Balance- alpha “ is that pet owners can try it as well. Since it is originally made for humans, it is also ideal for pets. Lacking a strong taste, even cats who are sensitive to taste can take it. I tried Balance- alpha on a cat in the last stages of kidney failure and could not eat anything. The cat started to recover its appetite little by little. It was amazing!


Izumi cats and dogs clinic

Director and veterinarian: Kayako himomura

Director and veterinarian: Kayako himomura

The characteristic of this clinic is adopting natural care like Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and herbs. In order to reduce the burden on pets who are forced to wait for a long time, we apply the appointment system. Also we provide with a consultation room exclusively for cats and divide waiting rooms for dogs and cats to avoid confrontation.
Regarding Balance- alpha: I have been suffering from hay-fever for about twenty years and I couldn’t do without medicine during the hay-fever season, but since I started to take Balance- alpha, my symptoms have been relieved considerably and I do not suffer any more now. Also last year I was diagnosed with hepatitis C but after I started taking 30ml of Balance- alpha 3 times a day (90ml per day) the hepatic enzyme became drastically lower. Afterward I took new medicine for hepatitis C and removed the virus. I noticed the effect of Balance- alpha especially in kidney diseases in the case of cats. Cats taking Balance- alpha are co-existing well with their diseases even if they are not completely cured.


Hidamari Animal hospital


Director and veterinarian: Keiko Yoshida

The natural care we are adopting to help patients to recover their appetite and improve chronic diseases or malignant tumors which cannot be cured by Western medicine only. Sometimes it is applied together with Western medicine or sometimes on its own. Natural cure is the remedy to help dogs and cats to bolster their own immune system which will improve the symptom and quality of life. The good point of natural cure is that it has no side-effects. I can trust “Balance- alpha” because it also has no side-effects.


Sakura Animal Hospital


Director and veterinarian: Akihisa Takayama

  • Graduate of Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
  • A certificated veterinarian by the Homeopathic Medical Association in the U.K.
  • A certificated veterinarian by the Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy
  • A member of the Japan Homotoxicology Association日本ホモトキシコロジー協会所属
  • A member of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Oriental Medicine
  • A member of Fukuoka Veterinary Natural Therapy College

We use “Balance- alpha゛to increase self-healing power. We give it to dogs with allergies or cats with poor digestion. It reduces itching or dandruff. It helps the pets coat to become glossy. Also it helps the gastro-intestines to function better. I use it because it is easy to administer and it has no side-effects.


Watanabe Animal Hospital


Director and veterinarian: Toshio Watanabe

We aim to “increase self-healing power and immunity” giving the best animal care not only depending on Western medicine. We think Balance- alpha is contributing to improving the Quality of Life for pets who have diseases difficult to recover from, because Balance- alpha strengthens the immunity system and pets do not refuse to take it.


Anemone Animal Hospital

Director and veterinarian: Tomohiro Abe

We specialize in cancer cures, allergies care and articular diseases care.
We aim to adopt a care which increase the self-healing power while being patient friendly and taking advantage of Western medicine as well. I tried Balance- alpha and believe that Balance- alpha can be used not for only humans but also for dogs and cats. The difference of Balance- alpha from other supplements is it’s easiness to drink. I feel that it goes through the body core causing good effect.


Cocojey club


We recommend the anti-oxidant fermented supplement “Balance- alpha”. We recommend this to all living things such as humans, dogs, cats, birds etc. A 16 years old cat who was on the point of death tried “Balance- alpha “ for a week intensively and recovered so well that the owner couldn’t believe it !
My dog is also taking Balance- alpha every day together with other supplements. Since Balance- alpha
doesn’t have taste or smell which dogs and cats hate, it is ideal for those pets who refuse to take other supplements


Visions Co., Ltd.


I was told by a veterinarian that my cat was suffering from kidney failure would not last long, but thanks to natural cure and Balance- alpha the cat became better which surprised the veterinarian.
One of our customer’s cat who had been suffering from rashes on the stomach for quite a long time was
completely cured after taking Balance- alpha for a while. The pet owner was very pleased with the result of
Balance- alpha. Thank you so much!


DD café Select Shop


How we got to know about Balance- alpha…
It was when I was researching the internet about enzymes for my cat who was suffering from an allergy.
Actually I was looking for enzyme powder but I found Balance- alpha very interesting. After learning more about it, I decided to try it. I also started to use Balance- alpha for my dog who had an operation for a mammary tumor. Immediately after the operation I kept giving it to her everyday mixing with dog food and mixing with natural water. The effectiveness is very obvious! It really works.




About Balance- alpha:I am giving it to my Yorkie dog “Yuu” who suffers from Congenital Retinal Atrophy. It seems that it helps to rescind the progress of this disease. My other Yorkie dog “Ai” who is 11 years old is also taking Balance- alpha to maintain its health.
One of my client’s dog was quite lethargic and the owner also noticed the lack of hair on its throat. However, after taking Balance- alpha for some time, the hair grew back and he became quite frisky. The owner is very pleased with the result.
Balance- alpha’s effect is rather slow, but gradually we can notice its effectiveness in as much as we hardly notice we are taking it.